Opened in 1930, the cemetery was created in order to provide a dignified, honourable and respectful resting place for those who served their country and made the incredible sacrifices. In 2009, the National Field of Honour was designated as a National Historic Site by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.


The National Field of Honour is the first cemetery solely devoted to military personel and their immediate relatives, to Allied Veterans who participated in major conflicts such as the World Wars, the Korean War and in Afghanistan as well as all police force members who served on any international mission. 


The Last Post Fund National Field of Honour reflects a tradition of military cemeteries in its uniform arrangement, the orderly placement of the graves, its monuments and its axial plan, all of which typify such principles such as the equality of soldiers in death, military comradeship, discipline and perpetual remembrance. It constitutes a place of remembrance dedicated to the men and women who served under the colours, evoking two centuries of Canadian military history. 


The National Field of Honour is administered by the Last Post Fund's Quebec Branch. It is a reminder of our gratitude to Canadian and Allied Veterans who served their country. Overlooking Lake Saint-Louis, the entrance is marked by the Gate of Remembrance, a medieval arch which has a little chapel in one of it`s towers.


Honorary President : His Excellency the Honourable J. Michel Doyon, Lieutenant-Governor of Québec



President Brigadier-General Gaston Côté, OMM, CD (Ret’d)
Past President Brigadier-General Pierre Boucher, O St J, CD, Ph. D.  (Ret’d)
Vice-President NFH Lieutenant-Colonel Michel Crowe, CD (Ret’d)
Secretary Major Richard Gratton, CD
President of Investment Committee Lieutenant-colonel Jean-Luc Fournier, CD (Ret’d)
Manager of the National Field of Honour Major Serge Gélinas, CD (Ret’d)



ADMINISTRATION BOARD (includes members of the Executive committee) 

Aubé,  Gilles Chief Warrant Officer , MMM CD (Ret’d)
Borne,  Jacques Lieutenant-Colonel,CD
Cartmel,  Richard Chief Warrant Officer, CD
Gosselin,  Hercule Brigadier-General, CD
Langlais,  Peter Captain (N), OMM,CD (Ret’d)
LaRoche,  Étienne Colonel, CD
O'Connor,  Daniel Honorary Colonel, CD (Ret’d)
Pothier,  René Colonel, CD (Ret’d)
Rousseau,  Guy Lieutenant-Colonel(Ret'd)
Schenke,  Stephen Captain (Ret'd)



Belleau,   Marcel   Colonel, CD (Ret’d)
Denny,  Terry    Captain  (Ret’d)
Frank,  Robert Major CStJ, CD, A de C
Laizner,  Andréa  Major SSStJ, CD
Lefebvre,  Jean-Claude Captain, CD (Ret'd)
McWhaw,   Gordon Lieutenant-Colonel CD (Ret’d)
O’Keefe,  Jacques Lieutenant-Colonel CD (Ret’d)
Painchaud, Louis Major CD (Ret'd)
Pothier,    René    Colonel, CD (Ret'd)
Richard,  Pierre Colonel CD (Ret’d)




Boulet,     Roger Lieutenant-Colonel, CD
Senez,  Pierre   Padre
Simms,   John Lcdr  Reverend
Thomassin, Stanilas Captain
Wolff,   Michael Rabbi